Friday, November 4, 2011

I stand by my claim

that carpet is NASTY. I just ripped up old carpet and pad in the upstairs bedroom and I could not WAIT to wash my hands. It stunk. And carpet dirt isn't like dirt in your backyard. It has this clingy residue that sticks to you and I am honestly grimacing right now just thinking about it. And then when I was finally done, I scrubbed my hands and then stripped my clothes off. Y.U.C.K.
But, I was super excited to get it done. The upstairs is almost done! AND, I have some really promising prospective tenants for downstairs... actually I'm a little worried they're gonna fight over it. =P

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I think my child probably has a lot to learn

In the interest of my lack of time, I've inserted part of my journal entry here so that I don't have to repeat myself. But I wanted to blog about it and figured, hey, I can just cut and paste and voila! Anyway, see below:
   Well, I am not going to get into the day-to-day goings on. There’s not enough time. It’s already 11:30 PM and I should be in bed. But I was feeling so GOOD today and GRATEFUL I felt like I should really sacrifice a little in order to talk about it in my journal. You just never know who is going to read it. First of all, I am IN LOVE with my husband. He is so GOOD. He always wants to improve and will do ANYthing for ANYone and I just love that. He gets that service is never convenient and inconvenience and pretty much anything in general should not stop us from trying to help others. And he works hard. No, he works REALLY REALLY HARD. He goes and goes and goes and really doesn’t complain about the fact that most of his waking hours are dedicated to working. I work all day too but at least a lot of it involves my kids who are awesome, by the way. They have their moments, especially Novan, practically daily, but when it’s all said and done, they are all full of awesomeness.
     Speaking of kids, I am thankful for them today. They do funny things all the time. They are so full of wonder and amazement with life. Granted, life is pretty easy at this point for them, but still, I wish we all could retain some of the wild abandon that kids possess. Anyway, today Novan insisted on not wearing a diaper to bed. Actually he’s been saying since his birthday pretty regularly that he is six and thus too old to wear a diaper. Yeah, I wish. I haven’t wanted to concede to this idea because I just don’t have time to wash sheets every day right now. I told him to wait til we move to ND and then we can try not wearing a diaper to bed again. Well tonight he said he just wasn’t going to wear one. I really didn’t feel like fighting that battle but trust me when I say I do not have high hopes that he will wake up dry. So I sighed and told Beya that it would be a good idea if she prayed that Novan could remember to go to the bathroom. She replied, “OK Mom, I will, and I’ll help remind Novan too.” So sweet, that girl. So she said her prayer and asked Heavenly Father to please help her help Novan to go to the bathroom before he pees the bed. Beya barely said an “Amen” before Novan started his prayer and prayed, “Dear Heavenly Father, help Beya NOT help me go to the bathroom. I can do it by myself. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.” 
I really couldn't help myself. I totally busted up laughing!