Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chef Iyov

All of my kids have been through this stage of being obsessed with my pots and pans. I remember Novan playing all day with them at this age. Beya did some but not as much. Iyov is now at that age and he spends literally all day playing with them. In some ways it's nice because he occupies himself. In other ways it's a blasted annoyance because my pots and pans are constantly strewn about the house. Also, Iyov refuses to eat food like a normal child. He's not overly picky or anything but eating has to be a novelty to him and his favorite thing to do is to take the food I give him and put it in some kind of pot and carry it around and stir it with my utensils.

He also thinks it's his job to make sure I have all the cooking implements I need. If I am cooking something, he gets out his pot of choice to give to me to use, or, if I already have a pot, he has to find a top. If I already have a pot and a top, he has to find a spoon and then he has to be involved in what I'm doing. I've actually taken to putting the baby gate up blocking off the kitchen on a regular basis because he wants to climb up on my counters and grab random food items for his pots and pans.

This is a regular thing to find when I walk into the kitchen.

He thinks the chairs are for his own personal use and he pushes them all around the kitchen to reach things on the counter.
Perhaps Iyov's favorite kitchen implement is the blender.

That kid is obsessed with the blender. He actually loves smoothies and when I make one, he had better be front and center while I do it or I get a good screaming at. He wants to use the tamper thing to squish down the stuff while it blends. He really gets into it and I often have to take it away because he's interfering with the blending process. My VitaMix comes with and extra container that you can change the blades into if you want a smaller capacity. I keep the extra one under the sink and Iyov loves that thing. It has it's own top and he likes to put everything in there and pretend he's throwing together a smoothie. He also likes to have the tamper with it. He loves it so much, he insisted on taking it to bed last night. It was absolutely hilarious. He held onto it like a teddy bear under the blanket when we tucked him in.
It's a good thing this kid does such darn cute stuff because he is still a big giant pain in the butt with all his screaming (yes he is STILL a McScreamy). But I sure love him. He gives me more reasons everyday to love him more and more.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reality TV

This is kind of a gripe post. I was listening to the radio this morning when I was taking Novan to school and the DJ was talking about tickets they were going to give away to a "Lunch with the Jersey Shore." I guess that means you get to hang out with the cast or something. I found myself wondering who would actually want to win those tickets. You would have to pay me to go to something like that. You'd have to pay me a LOT.

I've never actually watched the Jersey Shore. I have seen the promos though and that was enough for me to know I would never ever waste a second of my life watching that show. But then I got to thinking that really most reality shows are like that. The people just act ridiculous. Watching reality TV often gives me that feeling in my gut that makes me want to just put duct tape on all their mouths and change the channel. It makes me feel ashamed to be of the same species as those people. I just HATE watching it. I don't think there's anything that emphasizes the awful mediocrity of most people.

Well while I was hearing the radio and their thoughts on the Jersey Shore, I actually said out loud, to no one in particular, "Who has time for that? Who actually wastes their time watching crap like that?" Beya heard me and said, "Mom, who are you talking to?"  I replied, "I don't know." It's just one of those things that I just don't understand. I don't understand the appeal, AT ALL. I know not all reality TV is quite that bad but I have found, since the onset of reality TV, that I just do NOT enjoy it as much as it seems the general population does. Brad and I watch So You Think You Can Dance but we never watch most of the auditions and I don't really care about anything but watching the dancing. The dramatic pauses on the result shows annoys the crap out of me. Brad and I DVR it so we get to skip everything but the dancing which suits me. Brad also likes The Apprentice but whenever they get in the boardroom and those people start bickering we fast forward. I actually wouldn't watch it at all if Brad didn't like it. Furthermore, pretty much every person on that show is willing to make themselves look like idiots and bicker like 4 year olds and in my opinion, anyone who acts that way should NOT be crowned Donald Trump's apprentice. It annoys me that they pick these people simply for the drama factor rather than their credentials as a business people. But this permeates every reality show. They pick the people to up the drama and I think that's despicable.

So I would really like your thoughts on this. What draws you to reality TV? Is it just entertaining to see how ridiculous people act or do you, like me, skip to the parts you like (for me that usually totals about 15 minutes)? I know American Idol has been on for years and I have never watched a whole season. I've watched maybe 4 or 5 shows total and I've seen enough insults from Simon that I really don't see how a show, which is based simply on the vocal ability of people could have been this popular for this long. Help me out here, am I being unreasonable?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We recently got Netflix streaming and I have rediscovered a particular show that I used to watch when I was a kid. I don't know if any of you remember it: Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Brad makes fun of me for watching it but I have found that I really like it for several reasons.
First is that there is a lot of nostalgia attached to it. My sisters and I used to watch it with my parents when it came on every week and as I watch it now I can hear my dad in my mind make fun of Teri Hatcher who plays Lois Lane. He always called her a ditz and I swear Dad had some smart aleck comment to make every single episode. Then Mom would always comment on either A. Dean Cain who played Clark Kent and how he just didn't act dorky enough and how he was just too GQ to play Clark Kent (Although I think Dean Cain was mostly the reason we wanted to watch it anyway... he was so yummy!) or B. She would marvel at how much better the special effects were that illustrated Superman's powers. Sarah and I always had to tell Dad to zip it and it makes me laugh to think of him trying to push our buttons.

The second reason I have liked watching it is that it's not only entertaining, but it's also probably one of the last prime time TV shows that have since aired on national television that could be considered morally decent and thus be called "family television". Of course, most of the storylines are pretty unrealistic but I've actually read Superman comic books and they did a pretty good job of copying the kind of stuff that happens in them. I guess comic book plots come out kind of cheesy on TV. But a little cheesiness is still entertaining. Plus, you never encounter illicit sex or sexual inuendos which is refreshing. I have been amazed to compare how different shows in the 90s were compared to now. The change in standards has happened so gradually that you wouldn't see it except to compare a show from one generation with that from another. The difference is astounding. It makes you pretty shocked at how much we've come to accept as "acceptable TV." Anyway, it's been nice to reflect.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I thought I had this pregnancy thing figured out...

I've been a sadly neglectful blogger. So sue me. I'm pregnant. I am finally feeling like myself again though, thank goodness. There comes a point, when you are suffering for an extended time, where you wonder if maybe your suffering is just going to go on forever. You've been at it so long that you start to forget what normal feels like. Then you kind of start to get used to how you feel and even when you feel good, you aren't quite sure if it's 100% or not. Anyway, that's what I've felt like because if the nausea wasn't enough to make a person want to stay in bed all day, the hormones will finish the job.

Since I've been feeling eons better, though, I've begun to look back on the last 16 weeks and wonder some things. I feel like my body is trying to tell me something like "I'm done with this pregnancy thing, no more!" I'm just not ENJOYING this very much, even though I do feel better than I have been. Something is just off. I've never despised being pregnant so much, and I'm only 16 weeks along! Late pregnancy often gives me a little trouble in the sleep department but I'm already experiencing it to a greater degree now. I can't comfortably sleep on anything but my left side. If I sleep on my right, my arm falls asleep and I get a weird feeling in my chest like my circulation is bad. I can't sleep on my back because I get the same feeling. I know they say the left side is best for pregnant people but at 16 weeks I shouldn't be noticing so much of a difference, or at least, I haven't in the past. Do you know how hard it is to sleep in one position all night? Then there's the peeing thing which, frankly, should not be bothering me this far along. I should not have to have a completely empty bladder to stay asleep yet here I am, getting up multiple times to empty it. Then my back is hurting, another late pregnancy woe that should not be happening now.

Oy. So I wonder whether I am just having such a hard time because I'm older (although 28 should not be considered old) or if my body really is just worn out from being pregnant for the 4th time? Maybe I've been a spoiled spoiled girl up until now having had such easy pregnancies. I really think I might have liked being pregnant a little before. Now I sound like a whiney old housewife. Yuck. I don't want to be that person but I'm a little worried how much worse things will get since I am so barely into the second trimester. Will I get huge? Will I waddle and not be able to bend over like those moms on sitcoms? Do people even do that? Will labor be vastly different? I'm hating that I'm feeling like some kind of new mom instead of the seasoned pregnancy veteran I consider myself.