Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Consequences of a Chick Fil-A sandwich

I don't like to come near this subject within a thousand-word radius. Normally.

And I have freedom of speech.

I repeat, I have freedom of speech, but I also have the freedom to shoot someone if I choose. Not without consequences, mind you. We think we have the freedom to speak because there are no governmental sanctions on such speech.

However, there are consequences to every action whether a government body determines it or not.

Your WORDS have consequences people.

Side A:  Our government shouldn't afford the same marital rights to homosexual people as they do to heterosexual people.

Side B:  Our government shouldn't restrict anyone's right to marry whom they choose.

Now both of these have consequences. The interesting point to me is that they both have ugly, inherently wrong consequences. They each push the envelope of morality in different ways by taking away the only God-given absolutely free gift: Agency

The problem is that neither of these sides which so actively petition for their position seem to see this.

Now, let's think for a minute.

Side A, do people have the right to seek happiness the best way they know how even if they are gay?

Side B, Can any person, no matter how wealthy or successful, choose to voice their opinion about whether they support gay marriage or not?

Yes to both of these. Now let's get inside each others heads and bring ourselves back to the beginnings of the Civil Right's movement.

If some big-shot had said, "I don't support interracial marriage" what would you think? What if you were a person who wanted to marry someone who was of a different race but the government said you couldn't?

How does that feel?

I know what you're thinking if you are Side A. There's a difference! Gay marriage is wrong! Bans on interracial marriage were just plain wrong!

Oh is that so? How about the fact that every church out there during that time was openly discriminatory toward blacks? They went to church every Sunday and talked about kindness and service and moral decency yet denied it in their very actions.

Whether or not you believe they are different circumstances worthy of different treatment cannot erase that in both scenarios lives turned upside-down, souls crushed by loneliness and rejection, and hopes dashed. This is what occurs when people choose to inflict their brand of morality on others. It just happens. It's inevitable no matter how right or wrong an action inherently is.

So have you stopped to think how this feels to those who support gay marriage? They believe with all their heart that they are trying to be true to what they know to be right. Aren't you doing the same?

The situations may be different, but the hatred is the same and grounded in the same basic evil: Humans fail to place the happiness of others above their own. And they justify it by calling it "defense of morality."

Don't misconstrue my argument as a support of gay marriage. I'm not making any declarations in support of either side. Trust me on that.

What I am trying to accomplish is to get you to see through the eyes of someone else who thinks differently. Are you gay? Is it easy to reconcile that part of yourself with how everyone seems to tell you God sees you? Do you have all the answers? I think not.

Are you Christian? Is it easy to live your beliefs and protect your freedom of religion in contrast to modern society? Do you have all the answers? I think not.

Are you trying your best to be true to yourself?

Aren't we all? Aren't we all struggling yet loved by the same God no matter if he's Yaweh, Allah, or Krishna to us?

Then why, with all the many loving and kind things you could say, would you say something like this:

You know what this says!?!?

I will say what I want. Thank goodness you have no right to marry who you want and that makes me so friggin' giddy I could shove a Chick Fil-A sandwich in my mouth and pretend its your happiness!

And there's nothing you can do about it. 

Shame on you people.
Shame shame shame!

Find some loving decency.

Tell me, what kind of consequences do you expect from these words? Side B: Oh, gee, thanks for pointing that out. I'm going to go not live in sin now!

Or will you be accused of hate-speech perhaps?
Why? Because it conveys hatred.
So regardless of the topic, your words do more than convey your stance on a topic. They either communicate love or they communicate hate.

Understand this: Free speech is not free. It's fallacious to think that what we say comes without a cost.
So what do you choose to say? What will be the fruits of your words?