Monday, January 7, 2013


Beya: Moooom, when's dinner going to be ready? I'm soooo hungry!

Mom (snarkily): Well gee, Beya, I just started cooking and can you believe that food actually takes TIME to make? I know, it's like SO annoying, right?

Beya (unbothered by my sarcasm in the least): Seriously?! I wish you had a magic wand and you could zap it on the table... you know ZAP! and there it is!

Mom: Don't I know it.

Beya: It would be so much easier to ZAP! things. Then you would never have to cook.

Mom: I agree. If you ever see anything like that at the store, you be sure to let me know.

Beya: Okay, Mom. I'm going to invent one when I'm bigger. It will ZAP! food whenever you need it.

Thoughtful, ain't she? Interestingly, this conversation occurred about a month ago and she's still stuck on zapping. It's common to hear things like, "Too bad we can't just ZAP! my clothes into my drawers." "Too bad we can't ZAP! our way to Williston." (It's about a 50 minute drive from here and we drive there occasionally for groceries and stuff). "I wish we could ZAP! Novan's room clean." "Too bad we can't ZAP! to church." "I wish I could just ZAP! my clothes on."

ZAP! is always said with a snap and occasionally she claps her hands together vigorously for impact.

Yes, she's very impatient for things to get done and to happen. And the zapping of Novan's room is always funny to me. Beya, as I mentioned in a post a while back, is turning into kind of a neat freak. She keeps her room quite clean most of the time. She always gets mad at me when I allow Iyov or Keshet to go in there while she's at school. And when Novan and Iyov's room gets messy (which it is regularly) she says, "Mom, can you make Novan and Iyov clean up their room?" And when I fail to do so that day, she says, "Mom! I thought you were going to get Novan and Iyov to clean their room! It's disgusting!"
I'm a bad mom... I tend to think that as long as at least ONE kid room is clean, I've scored. But really, it's none of me, and all Beya. I wish I could let her take over the parenting for a while.

She's a funny little thing. She doesn't want to eat off of anyone else's food. You know, like when we're having dinner and she's finished her portion and wants more but all I have left is Iyov's food because everyone knows 3-year olds are either photosynthetic or hydroponic. Hmmm, or maybe he's a vampire and he sucks my blood while I'm sleeping and THAT'S why he doesn't require real food. He DOES hiss alot and act like he owns me. 'Scuse me, I need to go check my neck in the mirror......................................................

Anyway, yesterday we were filling out spotlight forms in Primary and there was a question, "What's a food you really DON'T like to eat?" Beya was like, "Ummmmmm, I don't know..." And it took me a while to think of anything either because the girl really does eat everything. Oh to have more children like her who eat all their food and keep their rooms clean and organize my cabinets for fun... Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure God was giving me a pre-apology for sending me Iyov, the demon child.

Yes, that IS a do-rag and she did that swagger pose all on her own. I wish I'd had a cool friend like Beya when I was a kid.